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Job Summary

Health Insurance Accounts Receivable Specialists are responsible for managing and collecting the outstanding balance owed by the health insurance payors through follow-up calls and submission of appeals via paper claims or electronic means.


  • Manage the assigned A/R either by client group.
  • Sort the A/R based on amount, payor category, age, location and provider/client.
  • Client report/liaison-report to client the status of the A/R
  • Report to the company on the status of the A/R in general and in particular, including length of time spent to get the account paid or resolved
  • Phone call follow-up on denied claims
  • Electronic resubmission of claims
  • Paper claim appeal
  • Review and identify denied, unpaid and non-adjudicated claims for processing
  • Coordinate with the medical billers the necessary documents to submit proof to resolve denied claims
  • Submit to manager accounts for write-off after showing proof of scrubbing process
  • Update any patient demographic information
  • Regularly notate any action related to A/R follow-up in the designated page of the billing software
  • Daily review of payments and missing payments
  • Consult any issues that are deemed beyond your control to the manager
  • Receive calls deemed to be A/R matters
  • Scan correspondence and index to their respective account
  • Meet the minimum goals set by management
  • Expect to be assigned special projects including audit of new and existing clients that pertains to A/R


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or at least 5 years’ experience if College level)
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the related field
  • Proficient in English language (written and oral)
  • Knowledgeable in a popular medical billing software
  • Efficient in Microsoft Office utilization
  • Must have experience working for an American practice or a medical billing company with American clients
  • HIPAA certified or is willing to be certified
  • Basic knowledge of operating a PC, VoIP, world wide web, copier, fax and most office equipment
  • Must have a working back-up computer and strong internet connection
  • Must be willing to work with ActivTrak, a remote management software
  • Must have a working knowledge of medical billing and coding and revenue cycle management process as a whole
  • Thorough knowledge of the AR process and must be able to demonstrate various approaches to resolve each unique AR challenge

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

Work Location

This is a work from home, full-time position

Part-time position applicants can be accommodated for well qualified candidates

Job Title: Accounts Receivable Specialist

Department: Accounts Receivable

Company: RCM GROUP

Benefits: Negotiable

Available Slots: 4

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