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Rates that are no-brainers, and there are no hidden fees, just plain and simple service. That is because we provide the most complete service from Free Practice Initial Consultation, Revenue Cycle Process Audit, Physician Credentialing, Virtual Staffing, Medical Billing and Collection, Payment Posting and Adjustments, and Accounts Receivable Management.

Our 2.99% Offer Includes The Following:

Continuous Claims Entry

Monday through Friday Continuous Claims Entry

Daily claims submission with on-demand report gives you full control of your account. Daily submission means you will get paid faster. One of the most important factors in choosing your billing company is by making sure they have the ability to submit the claims as soon as possible so you can start the countdown of your payment immediately.

Payment Follow-Up

Payment Follow-up

We have a system that calendars a claim’s expected payment date and notifies the account specialist to follow-up if a payment is not received within the prescribed time. Regular follow-up is then triggered until we get a confirmed payment date, or the actual payment information is released.

Denial Management

Our Accounts Receivable Specialists are another group of billers specializing in denied claims. Said denied claims will be entered into our database for a full 30-day intensive management as this is the most critical period to get your denied claim paid. Within this period, a status must define the collectability of the said claim. Each period is classified to determine the follow-up process.

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On-demand Report

Depending on the software used by the client, we provide a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual report on demand. Availability of the report give our clients the full control of their receivables.

Medical E-claim and Paper Claim Submission

E-claim and Paper Claim Submission

Whether you submit the old-fashioned way because of the existing software, or electronically, we will handle both for you. This gives our clients the flexibility of managing their claims.

medical payor billing

All Payor Billing

Whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UHC, Aetna or self-pay, we will bill all of these for you. Our vast experience makes it easy to get paid even from the traditionally difficult payor sector. Let us show you how.

medical payment posting and adjustment

Payment Posting and Adjustment

Payment posting and adjustment is one of the most tedious and frustrating part of revenue cycle management if you are not familiar with the process. In many practices with in-house billing, this is when the physicians need to pay overtime just to make sure that their book is clean. Next time, leave these tasks to us and you will see how clean and manageable your books can be.

claims full cycle monitoring

Claims Full Cycle Monitoring

Part of the report includes this whole process from encounter to claims submission to payment posting. This is how we can create a report that shows the turn-around time of a claim. This will include information like delinquent payors, inconsistent codes about deniability and high-yield payment sector.

patient delinquent account management

Patient Delinquent Account Management

Can you report to the credit bureau?Do you have a soft collection strategy? Can you work with a collection agency and still maintain a good relation with your patients? If they answer no to any of these questions, then you are not getting the best billing company.

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