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Expertise in Holistic Medical Billing Solutions

At My RCM Group, our clients have grown accustomed to a consistent outcome: Elevated Revenue.

In a sea of options for medical billing and coding services, discovering an all-encompassing solution can be a formidable task.

Distinguishably different, My RCM Group transcends the standard definition of a medical billing and coding company. We emerge as your ultimate destination for comprehensive revenue cycle management services. Discover how you can potentially slash your fixed-monthly expenditures by up to 50%, all the while accelerating your collection growth promptly and effectively.

Save up to $4,990.00 per month!

Our Expertise

Medical Billing and Coding

We at My RCM Group, pride ourselves in having a team of HIPAA-Certified medical billers and coders who have years of experience in the field. Our staff also is ethically trained and updated with the proper ICD 10 coding which is essential in correct processing claims and can prevent any legal issues in the future.

Soft Collection

Minimize legal troubles by letting the professionals handle your agings including those that may need litigation. Let us take care of your patients’ delinquent account from billing to small claims suit and money judgment recovery. We will represent you in court, so you and your in-house staff don’t have to.

Insurance Aging Cleanup

Frustrated with your reimbursement? We are here to help! We will analyze your AR, recover and collect, write off and adjust as necessary for a cleaner accounts receivable. Most of all, we will obtain the maximum payments on those forgotten denials.

Virtual Medical Staffing

Ranging from initial patient registration to claims submission, RCM Group provides physicians with competent and reliable virtual medical assistant staff who can schedule appointments, receive calls, and verify insurance coverage of each patient and avoiding out-of-network issues during an encounter.

Provider Credentialing

How does 15 business day approval sound to you? We helped get our clients credentialed as fast as 15 days with complete documentation from our clients.

Practice Managment Consultation

We are your partner. With My RCM Group, you will constantly have the most updated process and the highest trained professionals working for you.

Why Outsource With Us?

We’ll take care of your medical billing challenges so you can focus on what you do best, patient care.

Elimination of In-House Billing Expenses

Elimination of high cost office space, billing software, computer, skip tracing tools

Electronic Claims Filing

Payments are received as soon as 14 days

Accurate Billing

90% average collection rate = fewer errors and rejections from carriers

Denial Management and Claims Appeal

We promptly follow up on rejections, denials, and professionally appeal claims within a timely manner

Accurate Insurance Verification and Data Entry

We verify, and re-verify so you won't have to

Improved Documentation and Current Contract

Find out if your legal documents and contracts are current and give you the highest compensation.

Minimize Collection Agency Dependence

We will collect as much as your current collection agency. Let us show you how!

Minimize Staffing Needs

Avoid the stress of training, re-training, recruiting and the risk of violating various federal and state regulations including the HIPAA guideline.

Constant Update of Patient Demographics

We will keep you updated with your patient's most important demographic information

Join the Strongest Group in My RCM

What you get are not just Billing and Coding Specialists but everything else that you will need to complete the cycle

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Revolutionizing The Revenue Cycle Management Industry Like No Other

No wonder My RCM Group is now among the fastest growing Medical Billing and Coding companies in Southern California with Rates Starting from 2.99%!Read on to find out why.

Revenue Cycle Management

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