Medical Revenue Cycle Audit

Medical Revenue Cycle Audit

“The most reliable way to find out if you have an optimized Medical Billing System”

It created for one of our clients, $6,000.00 in additional revenue PER MONTH!

medical revenue cycle management audit

What is Medical Revenue Cycle Management?

It is a technique that healthcare providers can use to manage the administrative functions in their medical revenue cycle. It begins when a patient book an appointment to seek medical services. This process ends when organizations have collected all claims and patient payments. The goal of revenue cycle management is to identify any points of friction in the provider’s revenue cycle in order to resolve them. With proper revenue cycle management, healthcare providers can maximize their claim reimbursements and increase their revenue.

Doctors, Hospitals, Healthcare providers and even Small Practices need help to develop a successful system or process to be financially healthy. That is where we need My RCM Group medical revenue cycle audit service.

What are the direct benefits of a Medical Revenue Cycle Audit?

  • Avoid Healthcare Fraud
  • Diagnosis & Procedure Code Analysis including correct utilization and trends that affect your collection
  • Identify Delinquent Payors and Potential Defaulting Payor
  • Identify staff’s strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the Revenue Cycle Process
  • Identify accounts that are no longer collectible due to timeliness issues, and determine integrity of payor selection (Plan, Medical Group, Patient, etc.)
  • Learn key details like percentage of payment per payor, adjustment percentage, pending payments, number of days past due
  • Identify the amount that should be collected as opposed to what is collected
  • Increase Healthcare Facility Revenue
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